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Cerebria Tech vs Clearbit: Leading the B2B Data Market

Introduction In an era where information is currency, the B2B data market is witnessing an extraordinary boom. Among the companies....


In an era where information is currency, the B2B data market is witnessing an extraordinary boom. Among the companies jockeying for leadership in this burgeoning industry, Cerebria Tech and Clearbit stand out. Both are revolutionizing the way businesses acquire data to fuel their sales and marketing engines. Let's delve into the specifics and see how these two fare against each other.

Feature Comparison

Cerebria Tech offers an impressive lead generation service, boasting access to over 400 million contacts. Its standout features include verified email discovery and personalized outreach that promises optimal conversion rates. Moreover, it provides readily available phone numbers that enhance direct connections with prospects.

On the other hand, Clearbit provides a more synergistic experience for users of HubSpot. It adds value by allowing businesses to identify their true B2B target market, offering insights into every company that might need their product, essentially expanding their potential market reach. Detection of high-intent visitors on one's website enables users to convert underlying interest into a solid sales pipeline effectively.

Additionally, Clearbit lays claim to a database containing more than 30 million B2B contacts and assures high deliverability. Its native prospecting engine for HubSpot is the world's first sales intelligence tool built specifically for the popular CRM, allowing for seamless integration and immediate utilization in marketing campaigns.

Cerebria Tech's significant advantage lies in the sheer volume of its database and its laser focus on lead generation. However, Clearbit's feature set seems more diverse and especially powerful for HubSpot users with its advanced personalization, lead scoring, form optimization, and intent-based outreach functionalities.

Price Comparison

In terms of pricing, Cerebria Tech opts for transparency and affordability. With plans starting from €37.00 per month and extending to €105.69 per month for its Pro Plan, companies of varying sizes can find a suitable package that meets their needs without breaking the bank.

Conversely, Clearbit offers a taste of its service with 500 free prospecting credits—a gesture that provides potential customers with a risk-free trial to experience its capabilities. However, detailed pricing information for Clearbit requires direct inquiry, which suggests a more tailored and potentially less transparent pricing structure.

Considering cost-conscious businesses, Cerebria Tech seems to provide a straightforward and accessible pricing model that poses excellent value for money, especially for smaller enterprises or those with a tight budget.


When choosing a B2B data provider, businesses must consider their specific needs, budget, and the systems they already have in place. Cerebria Tech, with its vast database and competitive pricing, is a remarkable option for companies prioritizing lead generation and direct outreach. For businesses leveraging HubSpot and venturing into account-based marketing, Clearbit offers compelling high-intent data capabilities that seamlessly integrate with existing marketing efforts.

The data-driven future belongs to those who make informed decisions. For B2B enterprises set on acquiring high-quality leads and converting them with pinpoint accuracy, Cerebria Tech emerges as the preferred choice. Take control of your growth trajectory by choosing Cerebria Tech for an unrivaled data edge in the competitive B2B marketplace.

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