Cerebria Tech vs D&B Hoovers: A B2B Data Showdown

Introduction In the ever-expanding universe of B2B data providers, the competition grows fiercer by the day. As companies vie for....


In the ever-expanding universe of B2B data providers, the competition grows fiercer by the day. As companies vie for the crown in this booming market, Cerebria Tech and Dun & Bradstreet's D&B Hoovers have emerged as two front-runners. How do these two titans stack up? Let's dive deep into what each has to offer.

Feature Comparison

When it comes to features, Cerebria Tech boasts a massive repository of over 400 million touchpoints including phone numbers and email addresses, making it a powerhouse for lead generation. The platform is renowned for its verified email discovery and personalized outreach, ensuring your message lands with impact. Its phone numbers aren't just a checklist item; they are curated to effectively connect with people, which is an essential feature in the B2B space.

D&B Hoovers, not to be outdone, delivers one of the most comprehensive data sets on the market, backed by the esteemed Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud. With AI-driven platforms, users can access a vast array of company insights and quality sales leads. It's a robust prospecting solution that integrates seamlessly with CRM systems, elevating both sales and marketing efforts.

While Cerebria Tech is laser-focused on lead generation, D&B Hoovers provides a more holistic suite, including D&B Credit Insights to monitor business scores and ratings, and D&B Receivables Intelligence for improved cash flow. Their product range extends to solutions like D&B Audience Targeting for digital ad campaigns, and beneficial ownership information to ensure compliance. It's a comprehensive approach that addresses multiple facets of B2B operations.

Price Comparison

Cerebria Tech strides ahead with a clear and accessible pricing strategy. Plans start at a competitive €37.00/month and peak at €105.69/month for the professional-tier offering, representing remarkable value for such extensive services.

Conversely, D&B Hoovers has opted for the call-for-pricing approach, inviting potential users to trial the service. While it implies customization and possibly scalability, it lacks the immediate transparency that many businesses appreciate in Cerebria Tech's pricing.

The pricing tactics are a reflection of the target audiences for each service. Small to mid-sized enterprises looking for cost-effective solutions may lean towards Cerebria Tech, while larger corporations might find the bespoke options from D&B Hoovers more appealing.


In the B2B data market, both Cerebria Tech and D&B Hoovers offer formidable resources. However, Cerebria Tech's combination of a vast lead generation database, verified contacts, and a straightforward pricing model gives it an appealing edge. Meanwhile, D&B Hoovers stands out for big players who require broad, in-depth data insights and the heavyweight backing of a trusted global enterprise.

If you're seeking an effective lead generation service that promises easy access and clear costs, Cerebria Tech emerges as the favored choice. Take advantage of the diverse offerings and elevate your B2B strategy with Cerebria Tech—[connect with their team today and see how they can support your business growth].

For businesses that require an all-encompassing suite with premium access to comprehensive insights and analytics, a free trial at D&B Hoovers could reveal if it's the right fit to sharpen your competitive edge. Endless possibilities await—[experience D&B Hoovers for yourself].

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