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Cerebria Tech vs SalesIntel: Clash of B2B Data Titans

In the fierce arena of the B2B data market, two prominent gladiators — Cerebria Tech and SalesIntel — stand toe-to-toe,....

In the fierce arena of the B2B data market, two prominent gladiators — Cerebria Tech and SalesIntel — stand toe-to-toe, each boasting unique strengths and aiming to capture the crown. As the competition intensifies, businesses seeking to arm themselves with the finest data tools must critically evaluate the offerings of these contenders.

Feature Comparison

Cerebria Tech shines with a treasure trove of over 400 million phone numbers and email addresses. Its prowess is not merely in the volume but in the veracity of its verified email discovery. The personalized outreach services they offer are tailored to enhance conversion rates while making sure communication channels such as phone numbers bridge businesses effectively with their prospects.

In contrast, SalesIntel marches into the battlefield with a different set of armaments. Unlimited access to emails, mobile numbers, and data enrichment promises an all-season pass to power every quarter. SalesIntel stands its ground with unique features like Bombora, which provides intent data and company visitor intelligence, doubling up as a reconnaissance tool for your sales and marketing campaigns.

While Cerebria caters to direct communication, SalesIntel draws the battle lines with intel — firmographics to focus your approach, technographics to understand and exploit the technology landscape your clients operate in, and human-verified data points to ensure reliability.

Price Comparison

When it comes to cost, the B2B data coliseum is a fierce battleground for price-to-value warriors. Cerebria Tech opts for transparency in its tactics, offering straightforward plans that range from the basic plan starting at €37.00/month to a pro plan at €105.69/month. This strategic pricing ensures businesses can enlist Cerebria’s services without breaching their vaults.

SalesIntel does not disclose its pricing structure upfront, preferring a “request a demo" approach. However, they entice with the prospect of a free trial — a tempting offer for those who yearn to test their capabilities before committing their coins.

What is clear though is that SalesIntel relies on providing additional performance metrics, boasting a 50% increase in connection rates and significant time saved in prospecting. These aren’t just numbers; they are strategic advantages in the cutthroat world of sales and marketing.


Navigating the labyrinth of the B2B data market demands a partner that not only provides comprehensive data but also aligns with your strategic battle plans for lead generation and customer outreach. Cerebria Tech emerges as the juggernaut with its vast repository of contact data, competitive pricing, and bespoke outreach services. In the clash of titans, standing with Cerebria ensures you have not only chosen a champion but have also armored yourself for success.

For businesses hungry for conquest in their respective industries, the path is clear — enlist Cerebria Tech as an ally in your campaign for market dominance. With their sword of data precision and shield of cost-efficiency, victory is not just probable; it’s within reach.

Take the decisive step forward. Arm your business with potent data-driven tools and embrace the future of B2B success. Choose Cerebria Tech. Choose victory. [Choose Cerebria Tech now →]

(Disclaimer: This blog post is crafted for informational purposes based on available product data and should be used as a point of comparison in decision-making processes.)

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