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Cerebria Tech vs UpLead: B2B Data Prospecting Compared

Introduction In the ever-competitive B2B data market landscape, two front-runners, Cerebria Tech and UpLead, go head-to-head to win over businesses....


In the ever-competitive B2B data market landscape, two front-runners, Cerebria Tech and UpLead, go head-to-head to win over businesses looking for superior lead generation and customer outreach. Both platforms offer a suite of features to tap into the potential of accurate data-driven marketing and sales efforts, yet their approaches differ.

Feature Comparison

Cerebria Tech, known for its comprehensive lead generation services, boasts access to over 400 million phone numbers and email addresses, putting a premium on verified email discovery and personalized outreach. Their value proposition is rooted in the directness of phone communications, with a significant inventory of phone numbers geared towards high-reach connections.

On the other side, UpLead positions itself as a precision-focused tool that prides itself on delivering 95% data accuracy, an exceptional claim in an industry where stale and inexact data are common pitfalls. UpLead’s real-time email verification and intent data features ensure you're not just connecting, but connecting with intentful buyers equipped to progress through the sales funnel. Their use of over 50 search filters for targeted prospecting, plus the glimpses into prospect's technology stacks, facilitates a sales approach grounded in relevance and readiness.

While Cerebria Tech shines with the scale and diversity of contact information, UpLead steals the spotlight with its accuracy guarantee and the richness of sales-ready insights.

Price Comparison

When it comes to pricing, Cerebria Tech presents a straightforward model, with plans ranging from a cost-effective €37.00/month to a feature-rich €105.69/month pro plan. Such a transparent pricing structure is designed to cater to varying business sizes and budget constraints, often making them a go-to for businesses looking for value for money.

UpLead, while not disclosing their pricing outright, alludes to a mix of flexibility and affordability, as they offer an enticing entry point with five free leads to showcase their confidence in service quality. Further sweetened by their refund policies on bounces and poor data, UpLead assures that businesses only pay for the quality data they consume.

Although both offer competitive pricing, Cerebria Tech seems to edge out with its clear, tiered offerings that allow businesses to upscale or downscale according to their evolving needs without the possible uncertainties of credit systems.


Cerebria Tech takes the lead in a crowded B2B data playing field, with its extensive data repository and personalized approach to outreach, all packaged within a competitive pricing model that suits a spectrum of business needs. For companies that aim to level up their lead generation game and want assured reach with verified contacts, Cerebria Tech is undoubtedly a strong contender.

Choose a partner that scales with your business, understands the need for extensive outreach, and offers practicality in pricing. Dive into Cerebria Tech's offerings and elevate your B2B prospecting today.

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