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One Solution for Finding Leads & Smashing Targets

Unlock Potential: Comprehensive Data Solutions for Sales and Marketing

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Product Highlights

Cerebria offers a full suite of data-backed solutions to skyrocket revenue

Mixing a combination of proprietary technology and artificial intelligence to help companies grow and make smarter decisions

Results That Speak Volumes

Innovation that meets tangible results in revenue.


Increase your Profit by 25% using B2B data


The amount of time you waste on inaccurate B2B contact information


Your email reply rate

Why Cerebria?

Data is our core, but its so much more

Cerebria datasets help companies increase revenue and profit all over the world with our range of specialized data solutions

Contact & Company Data

From our millions of contacts and billions of data-points, access high-quality data with Cerebria Tech

Buyer Intent

Engage the right buyers from day one, ensuring your sales teams can smash targets

Data Enrichment

Improve your existing datasets with access to more than 28 Billion Data Points

Cerebria Tech has left a strong impression on me with its impressive development speed, personal customer approach and remarkable flexibility...

— Andrej Kajan


Professional Man

Cerebria is a user-friendly tool designed to help you reach your target audience, promote your products and services and even enhance your confidence in creating posts and emails.

— Barbora B.

Employee in Chemical industry

Professional Woman

They have a big database and a very quick turnaround on the features we need. The API rate limit is also very high and the speed is amazing. I wish I found this earlier.

— Barbora B.


Professional Man

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