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“We haven’t created Cerebria Tech to be like the rest. We have over 25 years sales experience just in our founding team. We’ve seen sales come from fax machines and desk phones to automated emailing, AI Backed sales & even social media marketing.

We set out with a clear mission – to improve sales for both sides of the table. No one wants to be contacted about things they don’t need or want, and sales people can spend all that wasted time on things that matter.

Thank you for joining us on our journey”

Dale, Parth & Noemi

The Team



Noemi has a passion for sales and never settling for second best – a record breaking salesperson who is helping us develop amazing technology to help companies grow.



The Wizz-Kid Himself. Parth is one of the main reasons we are such a fast moving company. Never without a book in hand & constantly learning new things.



Starting in sales at 16 years old, Dale has always been passionate about business. Dale wants to help companies sell more in a more efficient way.

Cerebria Tech has left a strong impression on me with its impressive development speed, personal customer approach and remarkable flexibility...

— Andrej Kajan


Professional Man

Cerebria is a user-friendly tool designed to help you reach your target audience, promote your products and services and even enhance your confidence in creating posts and emails.

— Anonymous

Employee in Chemical industry

Professional Man

They have a big database and a very quick turnaround on the features we need. The API rate limit is also very high and the speed is amazing. I wish I found this earlier.

— Barbora B.


Professional Woman
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